Restoration by Elaine D Walsh

“How wonderful it is that nobody wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.”  This is a quote by Anne Frank and one I find incredibly inspirational.

Today, I am taking the next step in a journey that started when I was a young child. It was always a dream of mine to become a published author.  In June 2012, that dream came true.  As I was awaiting the day my book would be released, I was excited but I also was a bit perplexed.  I wanted to do something more with my writing than just say, I am a published author. Then through a serious of unrelated events, an idea came to light.  It was to use my work to do more than just entertain. Use it to make a difference.  Continue Reading


9/11 memorial reflecting poolPatriot Day, I Remember

When I heard the news, I was driving to the main library in St. Petersburg, Florida where I had been spending the past several weeks working on the first draft of a novel.  I found it easier to write tucked away in the library’s quiet solitude.  My home office was no longer a place I could retreat to for uninterrupted writing time because it now hummed with the sound of my toddler daughter scampering about the house with three pug dogs in tow.  The dogs were always on her trail lest she drop a Cherrio or make the mistake of resting a cookie or other edible delight within striking distance.  Their “bad dog” habit of placing their front paws on the coffee table and other furnishings allowed them to snatch food left on the perimeter.  The two-legged interloper who joined the pack twenty months earlier was a walking Pez dispenser of treats.  No, this was not a writer’s retreat, so this writer occasionally retreated to the public library.

As I drove, I turned on the radio Continue Reading



hunger gamesAn Introduction by my Daughter

Okay, I admit I never heard of the book, the Hunger Games before the movie came out. I know, you’re thinking ‘how could you be a reader and women’s fiction writer and not know about a best seller?  What can I say…stranger things have happened.  After all, I missed a decade of great television shows and movies when my daughter was younger but can tell you all about what aired on the Disney Channel and Nickelodeon during that time period.

Dystopia just wasn’t a genre I paid attention to.  After all, I read Continue Reading


child with paint

The Canvas of Our Lives

People are like works of art.  Sometimes we look at them trying to figure them out similar to how we might study a Picasso or Dali painting to understand the underlying meaning.  As children, we come into this world with a blank canvas.  Our life experiences will make up ours.  Sometimes the patterns and colors will be what we have applied by the choices we make, but when we are very young, our canvas is painted by others: our parents, guardians, teachers, siblings, etc.  Our painting may be rich and beautiful, similar to a vibrant and tranquil landscape.  But what does the canvas of a person who endured abandonment, pain, or rejection when they were a child look like?  Would you be able to understand their painting or would their canvas not be so obvious?  Continue Reading


TOP TENHappy Anniversary Atomic Summer

The first day of summer marks the one-year anniversary of the release of Atomic Summer and the accomplishment of my goal of being a published author.  The last 365 days have been an adventure with some wonderful experiences, learning opportunities and a few frustrations. In honor of this momentous occasion, I thought a recap was in order.  So here is my version of David Letterman’s Top-Ten experiences:

10. Tweeting – Before last summer, it was something a bird did!  Now I have 1400 Twitter followers and have TWEETED 1300 times.  Does this make me a ‘bird brain’?  Continue reading



Restoration Advances to the Next Round on Amazon!

My next novel, Restoration, advanced to the quarter finals of The Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award sponsored by Publishers Weekly in the general fiction category.  One ABNA expert reviewer calls Restoration “well written with an intriguing conflict and an interesting and damaged main character”.  A  free pdf download of the first chapter will be available soon to preview.  _______________________________________________________________________


Featured on the eReader Cafe this week…

The eReader Cafe is one of the largest sources for bargain and free books on the internet. They boast a following of over 23,000 on Facebook. And guess what? This week, I am their featured author. I am so thrilled to have this honor and hope you all will enjoy this interview.

From the eReader Cafe interview:  Good Sunday morning! Today I have the fortune of speaking with Elaine D. Walsh, Author of Atomic Summer. Let’s kick things off with The eReader Cafe’s must-know tidbit:

Coffee or Tea?

Definitely coffee, with a little sweetner and cream.  My favorite is adding some eggnog creamer at the holidays. It’s my way of indulging in the taste of eggnog without all the calories.  Continue reading more on the eReader Cafe.




Spare ChangeWelcome to TNBT blog hop!

What is a blog hop? Basically, it’s a way that readers can discover new authors, because with bookstores closing and publishers not promoting new authors as much, we need to find a way to introduce readers to authors they may not see in their local bookstore.


I’d like to thank fellow author Bette Lee Crosby for tagging me to participate.


Here, you’ll have the chance to find new authors along with information about Bette Lee Crosby and her novel Spare Change.  See the links below to meet three other authors you might like to check out and find out what’s The Next Big Thing I am working on! 




Interview by Jennifer Lafferty of the Examiner


Elaine D. Walsh’s novel “Atomic Summer” takes readers back to the early 1950’s, during the height of the Cold War. We see this complex time through the eyes of three very different teenaged girls. The three friends talk about what they would do if they knew the world was about to come to an end. They get the idea to pull a practical joke. But what starts out as an innocent prank has serious results. Let’s find out what Elaine D. Walsh has to say about “Atomic Summer” Read More in the Examiner Article




DAY SEVEN of Atomic Summer’s whimsical journey as it crosses states, countries, and the planet.


Atomic Summer enjoyed spending time on the top shelf with The Casual Vacancy and J.K. Rowling so much, it decided it was time to work harder to make it to the top.  So Atomic Summer is on a mission to climb higher, starting with P90X, extreme fitness. Facebook, Tumblr or the Adventures of Atomic Summer webpage.



I just released my video trailer on You Tube.  Take a look and let me know what you think.  It’s my FIRST attempt at movie making so if you like it, please hit the like button.  If not, well…please give me a thumbs up for trying. 



One “Hot & Steamy” Atomic Summer vs. Too Many Shades of Grey

I am honored to be invited to guest post on Pavarti Tyler’s Fighting Monkey Press.  When asked to think about a topic, she said it was pretty much up to me but most of her site were irreverent posts.  As I began to think about a topic, I came across an article in USA Today about the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy and what made it  compelling to women readers.  So for the moment, stop what you are doing and follow along with me as I see how my debut novel stacks up!

Pavarti Tyler Guest Post, One “Hot & Steamy” Atomic Summer vs. Too Many Shades of Grey


Brandon Author To Donate Book Profits To Cancer Research

By Alicia Squillante, Osprey Observer, July 26, 2012

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.” Although the quote was first spoken by Anne Frank, author Elaine D. Walsh has always found it inspirational and believes whole heartedly in the message it sends.  To show her belief in that message, she will be donating the royalties from her book, Atomic Summer, to cancer research charities as well as the Hope for Kathryn “Kitty” Fowke foundation.

Although Walsh was born in Oahu, Hawaii, she spent the majority of her early years in upstate New York. She attended the State University of New York at Geneseo and received a B.A. in English. After graduating she packed up her bags and moved to Florida with a friend. Her first job was at the Tampa Tribune in the classifieds area. “I always wanted to become a writer,” said Walsh. READ MORE


Atomic Summer

IT’S HERE…Atomic Summer is exploding onto this summer’s must read list – THREE friends, TWO secrets, ONE lie, and the summer that changed their lives.

After only a few days, it’s in the top of best new releases in it’s genre. Read what people are saying about it:

Great Summer Read“It’s one of those stories that you can sit by the pool or on the beach or anywhere you can curl up for a few hours and escape for some R&R reading enjoyment”

Rites of Passage, Fifties Style...“Elaine D. Walsh has captured the essence of budding female adulthood with the concerns of the times in this terrific summer read. Two thumbs up for Atomic Summer!”

While the nation worries about communist bombs, sixteen-year-old Bernadette Vaughn holds court in the family bomb shelter, finagling a way to read Kinsey’s groundbreaking work on human sexuality.  She obsesses about boys and big city life.  Her best friend, Faith McNulty is a devout Catholic who dreams of staying in their small town, marrying Allen Hanlon, and raising a family.  Their awkward and unattractive friend, Octavia Mansfield doesn’t have room in her life for boys, dreams, or God.  She spends most of her young life caring for her severely disabled brother.

Their conversations about what each of them would do if the end of the world were imminent become the catalyst for a prank that spins wildly beyond control and draws in an entire town.

Left behind in the wake of that summer’s events are their unrealized dreams and open wounds.  In 1973, a reunion trip to the small town of their youth returns them to the summer of 1953 and the passion and betrayal that changed their lives.

Buy it now …


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  1. I just finished the book & am astounded at the rich character development, the genuine historic context and the compelling and moving story lines. Great job, Elaine! I get the sense that this was truly a labor of love and wanted you to know that it comes through in the book. I will recommend it to all my friends. Best of luck, can’t wait to see what you’re working on next!

  2. just received my copy on my kindle but if you come to L.I.,New York for a book signing I will buy a hard copy. Congrats, please say hi to your dad and Eileen for me. love Barbara

  3. Finally…it’s done! Your hard work and perserverence has paid off! Your mom would be so proud; what a wonderful tribute to her. I may just have to throw a book signing party!

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